Prince Jesse

[I'm Jesse Kim Gomez]

I am a sick, demented Lil bastart... Sometimes... Often... Always.....
I've grown up nurtured and surrounded by wisdom that was generously en kindled into me by my loving parents...

I'm a simple man w/a simpLe missiOn, A 20years old guy w/ Lots of experience.
A mOody,a Hoty??,..

-I am a psycho, wicked, weird guy.
-Funky vintage stuffs.
-Likes the stupid side of life.
-Comfortable clothes.

ツ i love K-Pop [ Super Junior ]

^^ Alright that's all i can say! then...FUCK OFF pepZZ! HAHAHAHA *Evil Laugh...

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Twitter - PrinceJesse76
Instagram - Princejesse
BBM - 2895479D
Skype - Jaykimgom